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Workshop Topics

Kristy’s Workshop Topics

The following presentations work great as conference workshops or retreat break-out sessions. 

Divine Design

Have you ever discovered that some people seem to thrive in crowds while others avoid crowds? Have you wondered why some people can spend countless hours reading in quiet solitude yet others would consider that torture? In this session, Kristy will help your group discover their Divinely Designed personality and how God wants to use it to fulfill His purpose in their lives.

Understanding The Pieces of the Past to Strengthen Your Relationships

In this session, Kristy will help your group to;

  • Identify the 3 powerful pieces of their past and how each has affected their lives today
  • Know the specific questions to ask for each of these pieces
  • Understand how this new knowledge can radically transform and strengthen their relationships


 4 Essential Ingredients to Build Constructive Communication in Your Relationships

Statistics show that poor communication is one of the top reasons relationships fail. In this presentation, Kristy shares the four essential ingredients to build constructive communication in your relationships. Your women will walk away…

  • Understanding the 5 levels of communication
  • Understanding the 5 parts of constructive communication
  • Knowing how to choose the right words
  • Knowing 3 constructive methods to communicate


In General, all presentations last between 45-55 minutes. However, some topics can be adapted to fit the unique needs of your group.

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