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When I Pray Devotional Book

when i pray kristy marcotte





When I Pray 

31 Days of Wisdom for Women From the Book of Psalms

Whether you’re looking for renewed excitement in your prayer time, or you’re feeling weighed down by life, this book is a perfect choice.  It will encourage and motivate you to pursue God with your whole heart by challenging you to spend time with Him and His word, daily. There is power when you pray and wisdom in His Word.

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What are people saying…

 “These have been the most helpful and practical devotions that I have ever read. The writing style is conversational. I felt like she was talking straight to me and told me exactly what I needed to hear. I could easily use these to make simple but important changes in my time with God.”

-Karen K.

“I’m a fan of devotional books and this book resonates with me. It is a well-written, easy read. I can identify with the everyday events that the author has mentioned. The book is funny in some parts, poignant in others. It serves a good reminder that we are not alone. With God’s grace and the fellowship of our friends and family, we’re equipped to get through anything. “When I Pray” is a good tool and good read.”

-Wendy T.

Table of Contents:

Day 1: Wisdom for Clear Instructions
Day 2: Wisdom for Taking Action
Day 3: Wisdom for Overcoming Guilt
Day 4: Wisdom for When I Need Patience
Day 5: Wisdom for Direction
Day 6: Wisdom for Growing a Strong Faith
Day 7: Wisdom for When I Need a Thankful Heart
Day 8: Wisdom for Defeating Worry
Day 9: Wisdom for Building Trust
Day 10: Wisdom for When I Lose My Focus
Day 11: Wisdom for Becoming Wise
Day 12: Wisdom for Gaining Control of My Mouth
Day 13: Wisdom for Choosing the Right Path
Day 14: Wisdom for When I Want to Give Up on Someone
Day 15: Wisdom for Learning to be Humble
Day 16: Wisdom for Living a Prosperous Life
Day 17: Wisdom for Escaping the Traps of My Enemies
Day 18: Wisdom for Eliminating Distractions
Day 19: Wisdom for Handling Criticism
Day 20: Wisdom for What to Do When I Must Wait
Day 21: Wisdom for When I’m Paralyzed by Indecision
Day 22: Wisdom for Understanding God’s Power
Day 23: Wisdom for When I’m Out of DIY Strength
Day 24: Wisdom for Stepping Out in Faith
Day 25: Wisdom for Being a Good Follower
Day 26: Wisdom for When a Situation is Out of My Control
Day 27: Wisdom for Saying “Yes” to God’s Best
Day 28: Wisdom for Getting Through Times of Famine
Day 29: Wisdom for Overcoming Fearful Thoughts
Day 30: Wisdom for Choosing Helpful & Truthful Words
Day 31: Wisdom for Defeating Hopelessness

Here’s a sample of what you’ll get if you buy my devotional book…..

Day 13:
Wisdom for Choosing the Right Path

“Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow.
Lead me by Your truth and teach me, for You are the God who saves me.
All day long I put my hope in You.”
Psalms 25:4-5 (NLT)

Feeling confused? Not sure which path to take? This verse is a good one to pray. When you ask for God’s direction, just be sure to listen. Then, let Him lead you by His truth. In verse five where it says, “Lead me by your truth,” David is referring to God’s word. Guidance is often found directly through reading His word. So, if you feel God is telling you to do something; but it contradicts with what it says in His word; you should question what you’re hearing.

If you’re still unclear, keep praying and reading His word. Continue to seek His guidance. You might also ask a close friend to pray for you as well. What you don’t want to do is get too eager and run ahead of God. I have done this so many times. Every time I run too fast and get ahead of God, I fall flat on my face. But He graciously gives me another chance to get it right. And He’ll even give me a third and fourth chance if necessary.

I once attended a sales training workshop, and the instructor taught us to “Go Slow to Go Fast.” In sales, this concept means that it’s sometimes better to slow down and spend more time gathering information about what your potential customer needs before jumping right to all the cool gadgets you have

to offer. If you spend more time, in the beginning, asking the right questions, you’ll be able to identify more quickly the exact product or service that will best help your customer.

We should implement this “Go Slow to Go Fast” idea when we are in need of guidance in our personal lives. If we slow down, take more time to pray, read God’s word, and seek His will, more likely, we will make better decisions.

Today’s Prayer:

Lord, I pray Psalms 25:4-5: Show me the right path, point out the road for me to follow. Lead me by Your truth and teach me, for You are the God who saves me. All day long, I put my hope in You. I’m feeling unsure about (fill in the blank). Please lead me to the right scripture that will give me wisdom in making this decision. Keep me from getting ahead of You and messing things up. Help me to gain the knowledge needed to make good choices. If there is any sin in my life that would keep me from hearing Your voice clearly, point it out to me so that I can repent and get back on track. In Jesus’ name, I pray, AMEN.