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Remember The Three R’s When Going After Big Goals! Part 1

Going After Big Goals! Doesn’t Require Perfection…Just Belief in a BIG God!

“And Abram(Abraham) believed the LORD, and the LORD declared him righteous because of his faith.” Genesis 15:6

Often we think of Abraham as somebody in the Old Testament that was a “super Christian” who was righteous and perfect and followed God perfectly and so that’s why God liked him and used him.

This is not true. Abraham was not perfect. In fact, he was caught lying to the Pharaoh to protect himself just a couple of chapters earlier.

Do you second guess yourself? Do you declare yourself not worthy of doing anything great because you’re not perfect?

The 1st “R” is Relax – You don’t have to be perfect or wait for perfect conditions before you start to go after big goals for God! 

Have you heard of the term “Analysis Paralysis”? We can analyze something to death. Obviously, Abraham wasn’t perfect and that didn’t stop God from using him.

I have to remind myself of this every day. As a writer, I tend to spend way too much time tweaking a word here and there…in one sentence! I can’t tell you how many blog post “drafts” I’ve written.

All started as great ideas and hopes of encouraging someone in their journey but NONE have been read by anyone. Why? Because I just keep re-writing and tweaking them but never publish them.

If you, too, struggle needing to be perfect or have perfect conditions before making a move; maybe this post will encourage you.

Here’s another verse that helps me when I get stuck waiting for the “right time” to do something:

Ecclesiastes 11:4 (NLT)

“If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.”

I think this verse was written just for me. I am always giving excuses why I haven’t finished this or that. Today ask yourself this question: What do I know God wants me to do but I haven’t started it yet?

Remember Abraham and how God called him righteous and used him in amazing ways. God wants to do the same in your life. So RELAX accept that you’re not perfect and know God WANTS to use you in great ways, too!

I challenge you to do one thing today to move forward in going after your goals! Maybe its just to figure out what that first step is! Whatever it is – just start…take a step!


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