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What to do When You Make a Mistake While Going After Big Goals

When You Make a Mistake While Going After Big Goals, Recalculate and keep going

2nd “R” in the Three R’s When Going After Big Goals is Recalculate

“As for Ishmael, I will bless him also, just as you have asked. I will cause him to multiply and become a great nation. Twelve princes will be among his descendants.”

Genesis 17:20 (NLT)

Ishmael was Abraham and Sarah’s servant’s son; not their son. Abraham did something we often do when things don’t happen as quickly as we want them to.  We take matters into our own hands which often lead to mistakes and unnecessary hardship.

Instead of waiting for God’s plan; which was for Sarah, his wife to give birth to a son; Abraham slept with her servant so she would become pregnant with his child. But what is so awesome and such an encouragement for us who’ve done just what Abraham did; is that God can still bring good out of our mistakes, too!

Not only do we need to remember to relax and realize we don’t need to be perfect before we go after a big goal for God, but we can recalculate when we’ve made a mistake. You’re going to make mistakes along the way but don’t let that stop you.

Abraham made a big mistake but he didn’t just give up. He got up, dusted himself off, and got back on the right track with God obeying his next instruction.

Remember the GPS systems we all used for just a short time before our cell phones took over? Remember you would often hear it say: “Re-calculating…Re-calculating…” when you made a wrong turn?  Well, I bet you probably never pulled off the road and gave up on getting to your destination just because you made a wrong turn, right? That would have been silly. Instead, what do we do? We just wait for the GPS system to provide instructions on where to make the next available U-turn.

I have to do this a lot! I get in a hurry with God’s plan trying to speed things up. I call it the “The Two Step”. I take two steps forward and one step back…two steps forward and one step back…and so on.   At least I think that’s how the “Two Step” is done. You get the picture. 🙂

If you find yourself today taking “one step back” – again; that’s okay! Get back on track with God and do what he has told you to do. There are some very clear instructions he has given to you. Work on those. Here’s what God wants you to hear today:

“But these things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed.”       Habakkuk 2:3 NLT

I pray this post has encouraged you! I can’t wait to share the 3rd “R” with you in the next post!




PS. If you didn’t read the 1st “R” in the Three “R’s” When Going After Big Goals… click here to read it now.

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